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The 7-Day Marriage Makeover

If someone offered you a way to take your marriage to a new level in one week without having to spend a dime to make it happen, would you be willing to give it a shot? Literally, you’ve got nothing to lose! It obviously takes more than seven days to fully transform a marriage, but I’m convinced that it’s just enough time to completely change the course and climate of your relationship in a positive way.

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If you’ll commit to do these four things every day for a week, you’ll have a completely new direction in your marriage by the week’s end…


1. Make love everyday.

You husbands are already onboard! If this is the only thing you do, your marriage will still be stronger in a week. It takes more than sex to make a healthy marriage, but it’s impossible to have a healthy marriage without it. Even if you and your spouse aren’t in a good place right now and the idea of intimacy seems repulsive, do it anyways. Sex is a powerful force that will help you reconnect on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

2. Pray together every night. 

This one might freak you out a little bit, but I’m convinced that prayer is one of the most intimate and important acts a couple can do together. Even if you’ve never done it before, pray together daily (out loud). Thank God for all the good in your life, ask Him to forgive you of the mistakes you’ve made and be specific about the mistakes and tell him about your hopes and your fears. Pour out your heart to your Creator in front of your spouse and you’ll connect with each other, and with God, on a new level.

3. Say nothing negative. 

For one solid week, you’re not allowed to say anything negative or demanding. If you don’t have something positive to say, don’t say it. Get out of the habit of negativity and nagging. When you slip up on this one, your spouse is allowed to call you out and you’ve got to immediately apologize and follow up with saying three kind things about your spouse. This might sound childish, but you’ll be amazed at how it can change the tone of your words and your relationship.

4. Spend one hour in conversation while all electronics are turned off.

We live in a world where it’s possible to be in the same room but in different worlds. You can’t have a meaningful conversation with your spouse while you’re texting with someone, watching TV, and working on your laptop. For at least one hour each night, after the kids are asleep, turn off the TV and all electronics and have conversation. Maybe you’ve forgotten how to do it, but you’ll pick it back up quickly. Talk about your day, your hopes, your dreams and anything else that comes to your mind. That seven hours of uninterrupted conversation over the course of the week will be fuel for your marriage!

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2 thoughts on “The 7-Day Marriage Makeover

  1. Alisha

    Will this work if you are separated from ur husband? We r still in contact and he says we r working on things, but there is another woman living with him who says she loves him and he says he cares for her but doesn’t love her. He says he wants me to stop being so negative so things can get back right between us but how can I not be negative when I know she is there everyday sleeping in the bed with him. Even tho he says he has only slept with her twice. He says he doesn’t do any cuddling or anything like that and that she is more of a friend that is good company. They don’t argue because they don’t have 14 years of marriage and two kids. Of course they don’t have anything to argue about. It’s all new. What do I do? How can I stop being negative and show him I can be the person he fell in love with, while she is there and I know he sees me and then goes back to her. It hurts so bad. Please help.


    1. Brittany

      Alisha, my name is Brittany and my heart goes out to you any your husband. I don’t usually leave replies on websites with my personal opinion, but I felt in my heart that maybe I should this time. You asked if this column would help and how you can you NOT be negative given the current circumstances. Well I will admit to you that I have no children nor do I have as much time committed to my marriage as you do, but I believe that (though it’s portrayed as delicate and fragile) love is strong and is a force not to be reckoned with. For a start, propose this column to your husband; you stated that he still wanted to work things out. That is your beacon of hope in the dense fog of uncertainty, that is the flame of your marriage still burning and yearning to grown. Secondly, pray. It may seem simple, but it is truly a powerful thing. Lastly, forgive. Even though it may seem he does not deserve your forgiveness, if you truly forgive him for the things he has done in the past you will have true peace within yourself. This will seem extremely hard but keep in mind that Christ died for us so that we will have a place with him in heaven, and even in that we defy him in our lives but when we simply ask he forgives us no questions or accusations. None of us deserve his forgiveness but he gives it anyway because he loves us. Trust God and tender your heart, he can calm the sea when the storm is raging.

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